In Lees work, clusters of matter are connected with strings of glue, wire or chains, making empty spaces interfere with the density of the materials. The strings connecting the clusters are visible, hanging in the air. They open up a technological aspect of the work, being similar to massive amounts of wires. Elsewhere the expression is more compact, materials are gathering in heaps, condensed and covered with paint or glue. The collection of materials and the links between them make up entities, they appear dynamic and alive but often also momentary – tomorrow they could be organized in another way, making new connections. 
The works recall Jane Bennetts thoughts on the life of assemblages. In Vibrant Matter she writes of things having a life of their own rather than being dead objects. And things never live alone. They live with other objects that surrounds them and forces which affects them. Bennett writes about the life of assemblages as life made up of different materials and forces that work with and against one another. An assemblage has a life on its own, after/besides from having a function for humans, a life that is specific for that exact combination of matter, forces and for the place, they’re part of. 
Materials in the artist’s works can be viewed as bodily matter, removed from their former body. Hair and organ-like shapes. They could have been part of humans or other animals but in the works, they are removed from their former function. They become part of new entities, new beings. What was once the inside of the body, the organs, are now the outside. This is also an element of horror; the transgression of the boundary of the body. 
Bennett refers to Deleuzes idea of “a life” from Pure Immanence. “A life” is a-subjective life – life that runs through and animates beings but is not contained in them. It is a fleeting movement, a wave. The artist works with polyurethane foam and this will be a connecting element in the exhibition, an element that transcends the boundary of the single artworks. The foam has an organic feel but it is not possible to determine what kind of body it comes from or what kind of body it will be. It is visible alive – glistening and ejecting fluids – but the life of it remains uncertain, unconnected to a determinable body or life-form. 
Maja Lindberg Schwaners
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